Grouped Filo Sheets

Grouped Filo Sheets is a patented product which we have developed after a lot years of researching. Grouped Filo sheets are 3, 5 or 7 layers of filo dough which have been grouped and oiled with vegetable and olive oils. The dimensions of the sheets is 38X38 cm.

With the Grouped Filo Sheets you can produce whatever product you want like the Greek traditional spanakopita or rolls staffed with meat etc, without to have to face the difficult and the time consuming procedure of discriminating the Filo one by one, oiled them and grouped them. We have done it for you. The only you have to do is to take out from the freezer the Grouped Filo Sheets, leave them to defrost for approximately 15 minutes, put the filling you want and bake according to the type of product you want to make. Simple. Quick. Effective.