The Company

Fine Filo Food is a trademark of company Ariston S.A. which was founded in 2001. Its main scope is the production and disposal of filo dough products. The company specializes in the production of filo dough, exclusively. Other types of dough such as puff pastry are not being produced and for this reason has developed an unrivaled know how to manufacture products based on filo.


Company's Strategic Business Units (SBU)

The company’s main concern is to produce innovative product lines, based in filo dough, that solve customers' hands both in retail and wholesale. So the company has established two main product lines, the retail which is traded through the Super Markets and the wholesale which serves the food service industry, big contract caterers and convenience shops.

The company has a very high level of filo production techniques and is able to develop any filo dough product that is requested according to the needs of each customer and still be able to produce the desired products under the customer’s name (white - label products).